INSIDE REP | Represent Owners Club Q+A

Ricky Jennings

With the recent additions to the Represent Owners Club collection, we sit down with George Heaton to discuss all things Owners Club including what was the initial inspiration and also what else is in store for future Represent Owners Club drops.

What does the Represent Owners Club stand for and what does it represent?

G: Exclusivity, appeals to a hybrid/cross-section of Represent fans
Instant recognition

The Represent Owners Club Collection is more a way of life than it is a set of clothes. The meaning behind the collection is scripted below the prints ‘by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts’ meaning the club is open to all who is enthusiastic about the brand.

How does the Owners Club differ from the mainline Represent collections?

G: The Owners club series is about maintaining the signature silhouettes we have stamped as our own over years, with a clean bold rear branding, and a small front chest logo across all the pieces. Basic but loud via an array of colourblock tones.

The club collection is made to be seasonless, to fit amongst all our collections, whether it be 247, mainline or the blanks. These pieces are timeless in their own right.

Where did the idea of the Represent Owners Club originate from and what drives the inspiration?

G: The inspiration originally came from researching vintage car club, classic car meet ups use the words in a similar style, to showcase the membership of being part of a club. We wanted to bring this essence of feeling into the brand.

Your favourite colorway in the collection so far?

G: The Cobalt became an instant hit, with 2 back to back sell outs and a huge demand. The colour is striking yet can be paired with any monochromatic tones.

What can we expect to see from the future Owners Club drops?

G: Expect some pastel colours to launch across the pieces in the near future, with an expansion of the club becoming an embroidered badge next week.

Lastly, will the Represent Owners Club evolve from just being a clothing collection into a fully fledged community?

G: I believe the possibilities are endless in all aspects, the Club will grow and is surely becoming it’s stand alone theme. We have some great basic pieces joining the collection later this year.