Footwear Collections

by Dave Mawdsley | March 14, 2016

As the newest member of the Represent design team, I have been introduced & integrated into this talented roster as the Footwear Designer. To guide, design & manage up coming shoe collections.   With a high appreciation for luxury aesthetics, streetwear culture / heritage & an eye for attention to detail. My experience is deeply rooted in the Footwear & Fashion Industry.

Within the last 3 months the main goal has been to build our resources & elevate the standard of footwear we put out. In doing so, we have visit manufacturers in Verona, Italy & attend various essential sourcing fairs around Europe. 

It is integral at these early stages that we source only the highest quality factories & fabrics, since the launch of the first footwear collection creating such a large impact. with an overall target to supply luxury product to our customers. The intention is to provide shoes that embody classic footwear workmanship & elements of progression that remains linear to the brands DNA.

On an alternatively & similar note… The aim for my blog posts is to offer you an insight to what we do within the Footwear Department. To offer those of you that hold an interest, a visual & written account to our creative process. This may include factory visits, sourcing events, inspiration trips etc.

Here are a few examples of what we’ve been up to over the last few months which I will cover in detail going forward.

Images via @dave_represent



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