Monsters of Rep - 23.09.20

George Heaton

A collaboration between British Iconic Rock Legends and Represent's ability to re-exhilarate the essence, finish and feel of vintage garments. 

Each piece of the Monsters of Rep collaboration comes with a certificate of authentication in a concert lanyard form, signed by both myself & Mike.

The collaboration with both Ozzy Osbourne & Motörhead will release exclusively online via the Represent web-store and is limited to 2000 pieces. This release will see the introduction to the vintage grey wash, with delicately hand-cut & sewn all over prints. Each piece being individually distressed. 

"There weren't really any rules with this collaboration. I got given access to the archives; which is an incredible thing in itself. I didn’t want this to just be a re-print type of deal you typically see brands do. I wanted to put my own touch on it to make it more exclusive to us. I wanted our name on there as well, but done tastefully, recreated in their style so it looked like it was done at the same time. I wanted to upraise ‘The Ultimate Sin’ with an exclusive colorway combined with an all-over lightening backdrop. The more changes I was making the harder I knew it was going to be to pass management; but when we got the go ahead, I was thrilled. I’ve not seen anything with a brand/band collaboration create this detail of combination before." 

- Mike Heaton, A Conversation with 'Heaviest of Art'.

Represent x Ozzy Osbourne

Represent x Motörhead

"These are two of the biggest British bands in this genre of music that have had so much influence on my style of artwork and aesthetic over the years. They’ve inspired a lot of my designs, so It made so much sense to me. To be given a chance to work on something with them was a feeling of everything coming full circle."

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