Represent Clothing Limited (“company”) provides a loyalty program wherein customers receive the certain benefits in exchange for enrolling in the program. In addition, the company may provide sweepstakes or other limited promotions its customers, and any financial incentive, such as a prize, will be listed in the terms and materials for such promotions. As part of these programs and promotions, the company collects some of your personal information so that the company may know how to best contact you and understand your interactions with its business. This allows the company to improve its business and provide better services to its customers. While the company does not assign a monetary value to the data collected, based on a reasonable estimate, the value of the information provided to the company is reasonably equal to or less than the value of the benefits the company offers through the relevant programs and promotions. We have calculated such value by using the expense related to the benefit. By participating in any of the company’s programs or promotions, you agree that the benefits are reasonably related to the value of the personal information collected and retained in the relevant program or promotion.