FAQs - 247 Run Tight

What features make the 247 Run Tight ideal for running performance?

The 247 Run Tight is designed with side stretch ripstop panelling with a perforated finish for durability and breathability, mesh panelling at the back of the knees for improved thermoregulation, and branded auto-lockable zip openings at the ankle hems for convenience. Additionally, the flatlock seam construction enhances comfort by minimizing irritation during movement.

How do the 247 Run Tights ensure comfort and a custom fit?

Comfort and a custom fit are achieved through the branded elasticated waistband, which comes with the option of an internal/external drawcord. This feature allows for easy adjustments to fit the runner's body perfectly, enhancing the overall running experience.

What are the storage options available in the 247 Run Tights?

The tights offer a single zip pocket at the back for securing valuables and an open pocket with a lobster clip on the side for attaching keys, providing convenient and secure storage options for runners.

Can the 247 Run Tights be worn with other garments for different weather conditions?

Yes, these tights can be worn either on their own or layered under unlined shorts, making them versatile for various weather conditions and personal comfort preferences during runs.

What is the composition of the 247 Run Tight, and what does this imply about their functionality?

The main body is composed of 85% Polyester and 15% Nylon, with panelling of 80% Nylon and 20% Elastane, and a mesh pocket of 72% Nylon and 28% Elastane. This blend ensures that the tights offer a balance of lightweight, breathable fabric for the main body, with stretch and durability in the panelling for enhanced movement and comfort. The use of nylon and elastane in key areas also add flexibility and breathability, crucial for high-performance running.