How to style Cargo Pants

How to style Cargo Pants


Cargo pants have become vastly popular in recent months, overtaking jeans as the top garment in everyday fashion amongst streetwear enthusiasts. The extremely versatile military inspired pant can be worn across multiple different outfit styles. In this article we will present some of the best pieces that you can pair with your favourite pair of cargos.

What to wear with cargo pants

Cargo pant are one of the more versatile pieces of clothing that you can add to your wardrobe. Traditionally lower on the scale of formality, they can be dressed up with an overshirt or dressed down with a hoodie. The style of cargo pants also comes into play here; more sports-focused styles like our 247 pants, crafted from technical fabrics such as nylon, are more likely to suit laid back looks such as with a hoodie. Meanwhile, more relaxed styles crafted from fabrics such as cotton are suitable for a wider range of fits. Read on to discover some of the best pieces to wear with cargo pants.

Best T-shirts to wear with Cargo Pants

The best style of t-shirt to style with cargo pants is an oversized t-shirt, the boxy fit and drop shoulder sleeves compliment the cargos very well. The best oversized t-shirts and women's oversized t-shirts we have to offer is from our Blank range, our Blank t-shirts have made from a medium weight cotton which is softened and pre-washed for the ultimate vintage wash. The Blank t-shirt comes in multiple different colours that can be mixed and matched with various different cargo's. My favourite mix is our Flat White Blank t-shirt and our Stone Cargo pants.

Another great t-shirt style to wear with cargo pants is a graphic t-shirts. Our graphic tees are all hand designed in house, and perfect for elevating your fit.

Best Hoodies to wear with Cargo Pants

The easiest style of Hoodie to style with Cargos is again with an oversized hoodie, similar to an oversized t-shirt, the boxy fit complements the cargos very well. The best oversized hoodie we have to compliment the cargos are our Blank hoodies, just like the Blank t-shirts they come in a wide range of colours to mix and match, and they come in a heavy weight cotton to ensure you are kept warm. The hoodies come in both a zipped style and and overhead, my personal favourite pair is the zip style hoodie in the Cream Marl colourway, and matching them with the Flat White Blank t-shirt and our Stone Cargo pants.

Best Jackets to wear with Cargo Pants

Theres are a few jackets that pair great with Cargo pants, the first one is our Puffer Gilet, the slightly cropped duck down filled gilet is very versatile just like the pants, and can be worn for multiple occasions, i would look to pair this with a pair of our 247 Pants in Black and graphic t-shirt or cobalt blue hoodie.

Another jacket which goes well with cargos is one of our overshirts, the versatile piece can be worn in all seasons and can be dressed both up and down. Our Black overshirt would look great with our Cargo pants in Black and an Owners Club t-shirt in Black also.

One of the best jackets to wear with cargo pants is a varsity jacket. Whether you choose to go for a more out there colour like cobalt blue or racing green, or try a more subdued tone such as black or maroon, our range of varsity jackets are great to be styled with any of our cargo silhouettes.

Blue Varsity Jackets

Best Shoes to wear with Cargo Pants

Your shoe choice may be the most important feature when choosing an outfit with Cargo Pants, a baggier cargo looks great with a pair of chunky sneakers, whilst a slimmer fitting cargo pant looks great with a more athletic silhouette.

The best sneaker we have to pair with baggier cargos is our Reptors, the chunky skate style sneaker features premium suedes and leathers and comes in multiple colourways. We would look at pairing our Reptors in a Flat White colourway with our Stone Cargo Pants.

Another highlight shoe to wear with cargo pants are our Apex sneakers. With a mixture of tumbled and flat leather, this sneaker takes vintage basketball shoe elements and combines them with a two tone skate-inspired sole unit. The chunky style allows cargo pants to sit perfectly upon the shoe, creating a great look for anyone to try.

The best sneaker for slimmer fitting cargos is our Harriers, the athletic looking sneaker features premium leathers, suedes and nylons and just like the reptors, feature multiple different colours to ensure you can pair them with different outfits. We would look to pair our 247 Pant with a pair of the Triple Black Harriers.

As you just read, there are multiple ways in which we can style Cargos and the versatility of them is wide, they look good with pretty much everything we have to offer! Be sure to check out our full range of our Cargo Pants. Want to narrow down your search? Take a look at our black cargo pants for some easy styling options. If you like our cargo pants, then you'll love our streetwear shorts. Be sure to check out the range! If you love streetwear styles, then you should also check out our range of carpenter jeansIf you're looking for an alternative to a classic cargo style, then be sure to also explore our range of cargo jeans.