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Take a look at our unique range of streetwear sneakers. providing the most versatile and dynamic range on the market with silhouettes created to accompany you in every fit.

Our streetwear sneakers started with the release of our Alpha Low silhouette. This streetwear sneaker has now evolved into one of our best performing products, period. The chunky sole grants elevation which ensures greater grip and decreases the likelihood of damp entering the sneaker. A higher last ensures the body of the streetwear sneaker sits higher than your traditional low trainer, it provides greater depth and allows the sneaker to sit beneath streetwear pants or jeans. In recent years the Alpha Low has evolved to feature suede, leather and canvas on the body. Pair with one of our men's oversized t-shirts to complete your look.

Our Reptor Low silhouette carries a more skateboard esc style and features minimal 'REP' branding to the outside of the streetwear sneaker. The sneaker features a higher toe box and a custom sole unit which provides the luxury aesthetic we strive for. Complete your outfit with a pair of our men's ripped jeans.

The latest addition to our streetwear sneakers range is the luxury Harrier sneaker. This streetwear sneaker is a runner silhouette engineered with matte leather, fused nylon and a custom sole. Created with comfort and style as the main priority. Check out our men's oversized hoodies to find the perfect item to complete your fit.

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