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British Streetwear

Here you will find our in-house created, designed and styled luxury British Streetwear. Since the birth of the brand we have strived to provide the market with unique, luxury hand designed garments that provide a flowing, adaptive wardrobe.


Representing Britain and British streetwear is what motivates us daily. Striving to provide our people, our customers with clothing that represents their style and personalities is what keeps Represent going. Our unique graphics and designs showcase both the past and the future of British streetwear, taking inspiration from past icons, sports and designs. 

If you want to navigate through our British streetwear then we suggest you try our streetwear denim to start as this collection is crafted with the most premium Candiani Denim. Many Rep customers combine this with our streetwear hoodies, usually with our luxury streetwear t-shirts which all comes together to express British streetwear like no other brand.


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