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Discover our luxury t-shirts range which proudly features our minimalist Blanks tees & our iconic graphic tees that have carved our name into the luxury streetwear world. As with all our luxury t-shirts they come in an oversized fit and feature a medium weight cotton body and ribbed crewneck collar. 

Many of our luxury t-shirts feature our in-house designed graphics which can range from seasonal/ topical pieces to designs which express the brands direction or interpretation of themes. Our luxury t-shirts carry months of research and development, which later leads to refinement in order to create a bespoke and desired print finish and aesthetic.

Within our luxury t-shirts is our latest iteration of minimalist luxurious, found as part of our Blanks collection. These luxury t-shirts come in long sleeve style and short sleeve style and express luxury in a minimalist form as the garments feature no graphics nor typical Represent design.

These luxury t-shirts express themselves with the premium cottons and colour palettes that make the garment relevant now and forever, providing the perfect tonal look for any luxury streetwear style. These luxury t-shirts come in our traditional colour ways such as Jet black, Vintage black, Vintage grey, Grey melange and Vintage white, whilst featuring minimal Rep branding to the hem of the tee.

Get inspired with our luxury t-shirts by looking at our page dedicated to User Generated Content: Shop the Gram’. Many customers combine our luxury t-shirts with our streetwear hoodies, streetwear pants and when on the go they utilise our streetwear backpacks.

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